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Whiskey/Rhum/Brandy how to prepare!

Our coffee beans are prepared in a special way!

Coffee beans with flavor! In a special way we have used real whisky, rum and brandy to provide our already tasty Roast beans with an extra bite! We have found a unique method for an ultimate taste experience and provide our beans with a delicious Whiskey, Rum or Brandy aftertaste!

These coffee beans contain the flavor of the original drinks used

Our full Roast beans now with a delicate aftertaste of whisky, brandy and rum. Not just for the drink lover: This special coffee will appeal to many because of its soft, special aftertaste. The flavors of the drink are subtly present and a special taste sensation is created! Taste these specialties and be amazed by the possibilities with coffee!


Do not brew these special beans too strong, preferably use a coarse grind. This way the unique taste comes into its own. Serve in small espresso cups or shot glasses. Due to the hints of chocolate and fudge, the rum version also tastes very good as a cuppuccino!


Are you looking for beans with a subtle, soft taste alongside the flavor of real liqueurs? Our beans are the answer for a pleasant coffee sensation! The coffee contains no trace of real alcohol, so it’s a nice way to start the day, or close your dinner with friends. Also a great idee as an original gift!


Did you know?

These specially prepared coffee beans are roasted with real original drinks! Use approximately 70 (7 grams) beans for one cup.

Alcohol and traffic

Do not worry! With this coffee you can hit the road with peace of mind, the alcohol has completely disappeared.

The possibilities with coffee are endless! take a quick look at our  shop!


Coffee Experience Giftbox

Info for coffee liqueur:

Make your own delicious coffee liqueur together with koezz.

In addition to dark caster sugar and coffee beans, a cinnamon stick, cloves and some secret spices have been added.

Add approximately 0.20 cl vodka or grain gin. It is best to shake it every day for six weeks and then you will have a delicious homemade coffee liqueur!! Use a sieve when pouring. Our experience is that this liqueur only gets tastier the longer you let it sit. Cheers!!

Coffee Barbeque Rub:

Various spices based on ground coffee can be used for various meat dishes such as Rib & Steaks! Due to the intense flavor of this herb mix, we recommend using this rub in moderation.

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