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How to use our Whisky/Rum/Brandy beans!

Congratulation on the purchase of these special beans!

Our coffee beans are prepared with a special technique

Tastful coffee beans! We used real whisky, brandy and rum to flavor our Roast beans and provide them with a alluring aftertaste.

whisky koffiebonenrum koffiebonen

These coffee beans have obtained their flavor from original spirits

Roast beans with a delicate taste of whisky, brandy and rum. Not just for booze lovers!  This coffee will be appreciated by every coffee lover due to its special, soft taste. Order this trendy product and discover the possibillities of our coffee!


Don’t prepare this coffee too strong. This way you obtain the best, unique taste. Serve straight in a whisky glass or espresso cup. The rum flavoured beans are also lovely as a cappuchino because of the soft hints of fudge and chocolate.


Are you looking for beans with a subtle, soft taste alongside the flavor of real liqueurs? Our beans are the answer for a pleasant coffee sensation! The coffee contains no trace of real alcohol, so it’s a nice way to start the day, or close your dinner with friends. Also a great idee as an original gift!


Did you know?

For one cup of coffee, use approximately 70 flavored beans (7 grams)!

Coffee Experience
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Don’t drink and drive!

Don’t worry! You can strill drive after drinking this coffee. There are no traces of alcohol anymore.

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There are a lots of other options with our coffee. Just have a look  in our shop!

Info coffee liqueur

Create your own coffee liqueur! Besides dark cane suger, we have added a cinnamon stick, some clove, and other secret ingredients. Pour in about 20 cl Wodka and shake (dailey) fore about six weeks! The longer you save it, the better the taste. Cheers!

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